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Upcoming Events

4/18 – McAgudas
4/19 – Fast of the First Born, Siyyum & Selling of Chametz, 7 am; Shul office closes at 2 pm
4/23 – Adult Hebrew class
4/25 – Shul office closes at 2 pm
4/27 – Shabbat Kavanah, 9:30 am (including Yizkor); Teen Kiddush
4/30 – Adult Hebrew class
5/3 – Jewish Lunch Club @ Bexley Middle School
5/6 – BREAD Nehemia Action
5/8 – Living Room Limmud
5/12Brotherhood’s Annual Mother’s Day Brunch
5/17 – Kabbalat Shabbat & Dinner

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About Agudas Achim

Agudas Achim’s Core Values

Agudas Achim aspires to be a traditional, egalitarian, friendly and participatory congregation.

Traditional – seeking meaning in Jewish tradition, and building on that tradition to create meaning for ourselves. Our members are inspired by traditions that connect us with our congregation’s history and with other Jews around the world.

Egalitarian – supporting and encouraging our members, in all their diversity, to participate fully in synagogue life.

Friendly – welcoming each person who appears before us, whether a traveler at morning minyan, a non-Jewish family member, a homeless person at kiddush, etc. We are a warm, close-knit, child-friendly community.

Participatory – engaging members so every member contributes, everyone is needed and everyone feels valued. We recognize our differences create opportunities for, rather than barriers to participation.

2767 E. Broad St.
Bexley, OH 43209


Weekday morning Minyan is at 7:00 am. Sunday morning Minyan begins at 9:00 am. Call the shul office for the schedule of weekday evening Minyans.


Friday, April 19
Shacharit – 7:00 am
Fast of the First Born, Siyyum & Selling of Chametz – 7:30 am
Stop eating chametz – 10:52 am
Burning of the chametz – 12:12 pm
Shul office closes – 2:00 pm
Candle lighting – 7:56 pm

Saturday, April 20 – Pesach I
Shabbat & Yom Tov service – 9:00 am
Babysitting – 10:00 am
Candle lighting – 8:57 pm

Sunday, April 21 – Pesach II
Yom Tov Service – 9:00 am
Babysitting – 10:00 am
Havdalah – 8:58 pm

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