Shabbat Kavanah Committee meeting

Monday, February 4th at 7:30 pm at Agudas Achim
Shabbat Kavanah is a new initiative at Agudas Achim to make leading and participating in Shabbat morning services more inspiring for more people.
Once a month, Rabbi Levine is providing an opportunity for us to experiment with innovations in the service.  While retaining our core values of being traditional, egalitarian, participatory and friendly, we are excited to try:
* innovative approaches to singing,
* a different format for the service,
* learning how to create/find meaning in the liturgy, and
* a more purposeful atmosphere for prayer.
Some of these changes will work well, and may even become part of our regular services.  Other changes will flop, which we’ll drop and then move on.
Regardless of the changes, we are still planning to break for lunch around 11:30 and will maintain our current standards of Shabbat observance (e.g., no musical instruments).  With support from Rabbi Levine and the Executive Committee, the Kavanah Committee will decide which innovations to try out and, eventually, which to keep.  Committee members include Kenny Steinman (chair), Reuven Clein, Laura Clubok, Adam Davis, Eva Fried, Rabbi Ilan Schwartz, Annie Shmookler, Stephanie Wapner and Leah Weintraub.
We are eager to hear from all Agudas members!  Committee meetings are open to all congregants.
The nest Shabbat Kavanah will be held on February 23rd. For more information,