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Membership at Congregation Agudas Achim

We are a traditional, egalitarian, participatory, innovative, intimate, inclusive and celebratory synagogue.
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Upcoming Events

An Evening with Deborah Lipstadt, Rescheduled to  August 27, 2020 @ 7 pm via Zoom Webinar

Antisemitism: Here. Now.

August 27 @ 5:15 pm - 7:30 pm

Shabbat Times Columbus, Ohio, USA

  • Candle lighting: 
  • This week’s Torah portion is Parashat Chukat-Balak
  • Havdalah (42 min): 

“We cannot be against just one ‘-ism’ to the exclusion of all others. If we are going to fight prejudice, we must fight it across the board. We cannot be a fighter against anti-Semitism but be blind to racism, or even worse, engage with it ourselves…The Jew in the kippa, the Muslim in the hijab, the African American student walking across campus, the Latino kids gathered … in a park must feel as safe as anyone else.”

– Dr. Deborah Lipstadt, Commencement address at Brandeis University in May 2019

Congratulations To Our Graduating Seniors, Class of 2020!

Congratulations To Our CJDS Grads!!

Congratulations to Ruthie Moskowitz for graduating 6th grade at CJDS

Agudas Achim’s Core Values

Agudas Achim aspires to be a traditional, egalitarian, friendly and participatory congregation.

  • Traditional – seeking meaning in Jewish tradition, and building on that tradition to create meaning for ourselves. Our members are inspired by traditions that connect us with our congregation’s history and with other Jews around the world.

  • Egalitarian – supporting and encouraging our members, in all their diversity, to participate fully in synagogue life.

  • Friendly – welcoming each person who appears before us, whether a traveler at morning minyan, a non-Jewish family member, a homeless person at kiddush, etc. We are a warm, close-knit, child-friendly community.

  • Participatory – engaging members so every member contributes, everyone is needed and everyone feels valued. We recognize our differences create opportunities for, rather than barriers to participation.