Rabbi Stephen Slater

I love being a rabbi and am passionate about inspiring the Jewish community to grow together in Torah, Avodah and Ma’asim tovim. Ordained in 2018, I have led congregations in Birmingham, AL and Glens Falls, NY, and now Columbus, Ohio. My passion is studying and teaching Torah. I am pleased to be part of this historic congregation, and look forward to developing a thriving center of Jewish life right here in Columbus, Ohio.

As I teach, I draw on multiple influences. I studied Hebrew and Second Temple Jewish literature and history at the Hebrew University, the Hartman Institute, the Conservative Yeshiva, and Yeshivat Hadar. I am particularly inspired by a young generation of Jews converging around Yeshivat Hadar who are seeking out a richly textured, egalitarian, halakhic tradition in Judaism that they can sink their teeth into. Here at Agudas my priorities are

  • exploring new ways of creating soulful prayer through cultivating private kavanna combined with communal singing and mumbling,

  • cultivating compelling Torah learning experiences,

  • building community wide collaborations ,

  • and engaging in Jewish-Christian interfaith theological discussion.

An unusual fact about me is that I grew up in West Africa. I met my life long hevrutah (study partner), Bethany, in undergraduate philosophy class. In my free time, I love to read and write non-fiction. And I especially love to go on adventures with my two young children, Anav and Emet . Please feel free to come see me on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons. Just sign up for a time using my Calendly.