Become a Woodchopper

On Shabbat afternoons, congregants and guests meet at Agudas Achim for Woodchoppers Talmud Study. Why is it called Woodchoppers?

“Among religious Jews, Talmudic scholars are regarded with the same awe and respect with which secular society regards Nobel laureates. Yet throughout Jewish history, study of the Mishna and Talmud was hardly restricted to an intellectual elite. An old book saved from the millions burned by the Nazis, and now housed at the YIVO library in New York, bears the stamp THE SOCIETY OF WOODCHOPPERS FOR THE STUDY OF MISHNA IN BERDITCHEV. That the men who chopped wood in Berditchev, an arduous job that required no literacy, met regularly to study Jewish law demonstrates the ongoing pervasiveness of study of the Oral Law in the Jewish community.” – Joseph Telushkin

Knowledge of Hebrew/Aramaic is not required and new participants are always welcome to join. Call the synagogue office at 614-237-2747 for weekly meeting times and to be added to the special email list.

Lunch w/the Rabbi

The rabbi leads a monthly Lunch w/the Rabbi. Topics vary. Please call the shul office for upcoming dates and to RSVP.

Rabbi Mitch’s Breakfast Club

The rabbi leads a monthly Breakfast Club. Topics vary. Please call the shul office for upcoming dates and to RSVP.