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Saturday, November 23
During and after Shabbat morning services, we will explore the meaning of Social Action and Tikkun Olam within Jewish tradition and learn about some of the efforts members of our own shul are making to enhance life in our community.
During services, we will be honoring members of the Agudas community who work to make life better for Central Ohio residents — either in their personal or professional lives. Do you know someone who volunteers on a regular basis?  Someone who is passionate about helping others?  Someone who serves the community day in and day out through their work?  We’d like to recognize these people with an Aliyah to the Torah or other honor during services on November 23. 
If you know someone in our community whom you’d like to honor for their service, please send Nancy their name and a very brief description of their work.  We will select a variety of representative individuals to receive honors during Shabbat morning services.  So many in our community are doing such good work that we might not be able to honor everyone this time — but we’ll keep them in mind for next time.
Thanks for your help; we look forward to seeing you at our Social Action Shabbat on November 23.