Have Agudas Shabbas is back! What month or months will YOU host or be a guest?
Have Agudas Shabbas is one of the ways that we bring our Agudas families closer together by inviting each other to our homes for a Shabbat dinner. This year, Have Agudas Shabbas will take place January 11, February 8 and March 8. Invite your friends as well as a couple of people or a family that you might not know so well. The Agudas Achim office can help with the extra guests!
Everyone “does” Shabbat in their own way, so whether you recite all the blessings before dinner or just sit down for the festive meal, it’s your way of bringing in Shabbat. You need not have a kosher kitchen and the time you begin is up to you, prior to the official Shabbat candle-lighting time (if you have small children) or well after.
Host families will receive a lovely Have Agudas Shabbas challah cover as a special gift and a handy reference sheet for key Friday night rituals.
Please email or call Bobbie at bshkolnik@agudasachim.org, 614-237-2747, ext. 22 to let her know which month(s) you can Host and/or which month(s) you would like to be a Guest.
Shabbat is our “beating heart,” when you will experience us at our best!