Lots of people personalize life cycle events such as their baby’s naming by adapting a ceremony found on the internet, or their wedding by having friends recite the sheva brachot (7 blessings), or by wearing a special tallis from Israel during prayer. One aspect of Jewish life which seems to be mostly still stuck in the one size fits all cookie cutter style of religious practice are the rituals around death and dying, burial and funerals. Is there a “Jewish” way to die? Can a funeral service be “spiritual”? What feelings and values should the design of a cemetery evoke? These questions and more will be addressed during the course of this year as part of the Lunch w/the Rabbi series.
We will begin with a special field trip to the Kokosing Nature Preserve on Sunday, November 11. The Kokosing Nature Preserve is a conservation burial ground located in the picturesque countryside of Gambier, Ohio. A project of the Philander Chase Conservancy, Kenyon College’s land trust, the preserve utilizes sustainable practices and efforts to offer people environmentally friendly burial options.
What you need to know:
$15/person includes transportation (on the Bexley Beat bus) and a box lunch. Meet in the shul parking lot at 9 am. If the weather allows, we will participate in a walking tour. Please wear appropriate shoes and seasonal clothing. We will return at approximately 2 pm.
Box lunch options (pick one)
Choice of egg salad, tuna salad, grilled chicken, sliced turkey, or hummus & roasted vegetable on wheat bread, wheat wrap or challah roll served with lettuce, tomatoes and red onion.
Each sandwich or wrap is served with potato chips or pretzels, a cookie, and a seasonal hand fruit.
Spaces are limited on the bus! RSVP no later than November 5th to nkurland@agudasachim.org  (nkurland@agudasachim.org)   with your lunch choice.
For more information about the destination, visit www.kokosingnaturepreserve.org.